Sunday, April 27, 2014

CT Tags & Snags "Her Forbidden Treasure" Jackie's Jewels

Awesome pirate/beach kit "Her Forbidden Treasure" from Jackie's Jewels available now (and also 30% off) at Pimpin PSPers Warehouse.  Works perfect for pirate tags!!  I have paired this kit today with tubes from Di_Halim (purchase tubes HERE) and Ted Hammond (purchase tubes HERE).  This kit has 75 elements and 14 papers.  Here's a preview (look below the preview for free snag images!):

Purchase this kit HERE!!

Below you will find some free snag images (please click on the image before you save it):

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

CT Tutorial "Candyland Fairy" PinkParadox Productions (PTU Kit)

Supplies Needed:

Photo Editing Software:
I use PSP X2 but any version will work.

"Candyland Fairy" by PinkParadox Productions; this is a PTU, please do NOT share it!

"2014 April Calendar" by Arthur Crowe; this is a PTU tube, please do not use without proper license.

WSL_Mask219 by weescotslass

(elements with a "*" have been duplicated and mirrored in this tag)



Pixelette (copyright)
Cocktail Script (name)

Let's get started!!

Open a new canvas (I use 625x625 with a transparent background); copy/paste your tube, resize/sharpen as needed.  Add a drop shadow!

Open element 96, copy/paste below tube layer; resize/sharpen as needed.  Duplicate/mirror and arrange as preferred.

Open frame 11, copy/paste above background layer; resize/sharpen as needed.  Erase any hanging out below grass.  Add a dropshadow to the frame layer (I use 0, 0, 75, 6.99, color black).

Open paper 1, copy/paste below frame layer; resize/sharpen as needed.  Erase any leftover paper outside of the frame.

Open all elements, copy/paste onto your canvas, resizing/sharpening as needed and placing where you prefer them placed.  You may use my example to help you out.  

Add dropshadow to the elements, add a copyright & a name and you're done!!

Feel free to send your creations made using this tutorial to; I love seeing them =)

This tutorial was written on 4/23/14 by Hayleigh of Wench Designz.  Any resemblance to another tutorial is pure coincidence.  This tutorial was written assuming you have working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro.  Please do not claim this tutorial as your own work!
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Monday, April 21, 2014

CT Tags & Snags "Dewdrop Forest" Jackie's Jewels

I have a beautiful spring/forest kit to show you today.  It's titled "Dewdrop Forest" and is by the fabulous Jackie's Jewels.  Dewdrop Forest has 91 elements & 13 papers with shades of green, brown & yellow.  It's gorgeous and waiting for you to tag with.  Plus right now, until the end of April, Jackie's Jewels kits are all 30% off but hurry as this sale ends April 30th!  I have paired this kit with beautiful tubes from Alex_Prihodko (purchase tubes HERE).

Purchase this kit HERE!

Below you will find my FREE snag images (please make sure you click on the image before saving it!):

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

CT Tag Show-off "Swan Song" PinkParadoxProductions

I have a beautiful kit to show you today!  It's called Swan Song and it's a HUGE kit packed to the max with beautiful elements.  This kit was inspired by the ancient belief that the swan sang it's most beautiful song right before death, the Swan Song.  There's so much in this kit you can use it to make light designs, dark designs or even mix the two!  With shades of purple, pink & black, packed with 215 elements, 20 frames & 45 papers you can't go wrong.  Right now you can get this kit for FREE with a $10.00 purchase but hurry before it ends!  I have paired this kit with gorgeous tubes from Arthur Crowe (tubes purchased HERE) and Chris Pastel (this was an exclusive image at PicsForDesign).  Pick this kit up HERE!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

CT Tags & Snags "Berry Kissed" PinkParadox Productions

Gorgeous new "Berry Kissed" kit from PinkParadox Productions; this kit is a beautiful mix of pink, green & white elements perfect for picnic or summertime tags.  Right now this lovely kit is on sale for 35% off (making it only $1.63 until the end of April).  I have paired this kit with gorgeous tubes from Roman Zaric (purchase his tubes HERE) and Alex Prihodko (purchase his tubes HERE)  This kit contains 120 elements, 10 frames & 30 papers.  Check out the preview below:

Purchase this kit at PinkParadox's private store HERE!

Check out some FREE snags I made (remember to click on the image before you save it!):

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

CT Tags & Snags "Rainforest Adventure" Jackie's Jewels

I have an awesome kit for you!!!  It's called "Rainforest Adventure" and is by the fab Jackie's Jewels.  With 65 elements and 11 papers it's perfect for all your vacationing needs!!  Plus until the end of April, Jackie's Jewels is having a 30% off sale going on now at Pimpin PSPers Warehouse so get her kits while they are all at a low price.  Get "Rainforest Adventures" now for only $1.75!  I paired this kit with two wonderful tubes from Roman Zaric (find his tubes HERE).  Get this kit HERE and check out everything Jackie has to offer HERE!  Here's a preview of this kit:

Find some FREE snag images below; just remember to click on the one you want before you save it:

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

CT Tags "Easter Fun" by PinkParadox Productions

Awesome Easter kit "Easter Fun" by PinkParadox Productions.  Right now this kit is 50% off making it only $0.88!  Get it before the sale ends =)  I paired this kit with tubes from Alex Prihodko (his tubes found HERE) and Ismael Rac (his tubes found HERE).  Don't forget about PinkParadox's Buy One Get One Free sale going on until April 13, 2014!  Here's a preview of this beautiful kit:

Purchase this kit HERE!!
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Monday, April 7, 2014

CT Tags & Snags "Enchanted Woods" Jackie's Jewels

Fabulous "Enchanted Woods" kit by Jackie's Jewels!  This kit (plus all of Jackie's other kits) is 30% off for the month of April so get it while it's only $1.75!  I have paired this fairytale kit with tubes from Picsfordesign and Elias Chatzoudis.  Find the tubes HERE & HERE!  This kit contains 64 elements and 13 papers waiting for your beautiful tags to be made from. Check out the preview (below the preview is the purchase links and plus some FREE snag images!):

Purchase this kit HERE!

Below are some snags I made (be sure to click on the image before you save):

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CT Tags & Snags "London After Midnight" PinkParadox Productions

I have an AWESOME kit to show you today!  It's a new release, it's on sale (35% off!!) and it's fabulous.  The kit is called "London After Midnight" and is by PinkParadox Productions.  It's only available at her private store; go check her store out to see everything she has to offer.  This kit features elements for British tags & also elements for gothic tags.  I paired this kit with tubes from Jamie Kidd (found at CDO) & Elias Chatzoudis (found HERE at his private store)  190 elements, 15 frames & 40 papers, here's a preview (purchase link found below preview along with FREE snag images!):

Purchase this kit HERE.

Here are some free snags (make sure to click on the image before saving it):

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