Monday, July 28, 2014

CT Tag Show-off "Memory of Love" PinkParadox Productions

Beautiful kit "Memory Of Love" by PinkParadox Productions.  170 elements, 15 frames & 35 gorgeous papers in shades of pink, white & gray.  I have paired this kit today with a lovely tube from Verymany called "Kelly."  You may pick this tube up HERE!  Get this kit on sale for only $1.86 now at PinkParadox's private store HERE; while you're there check out everything else she has to offer (including an awesome new Buy My Store deal HERE)

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

CT Tag & Snags "Swan Song" PinkParadox Productions

Beautiful kit "Swan Song" by PinkParadox Productions!  I don't have enough words to express how much I absolutely LOVE this kit.  It's got dark & light elements and the possibilities are endless.  You can use this kit (like all of PinkParadox's kit) over and over again!  I have chosen to pair this kit this time with a beautiful new release from Arthur Crowe called "Black Soul" found HERE.  Come grab this kit HERE (it's even on SALE!) and while you're there check out everything else PinkParadox has to offer.  Here's a preview of the kit and below it are the FREE snags:

Free Snags (You may NOT share these without my permission!!):

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

CT Tags & Snags "Secret Garden" Jackie's Jewels

Amazing new release from Jackie's Jewels called "Secret Garden."  This is a beautiful kit perfect for your gardening tags!!  101 elements & 15 papers are sure to keep you busy.  I have paired this kit with "Margaret" tube from Verymany (HERE) and "Bella" tube from Alex Prihodko (HERE).  Pick-up this kit and see what else Jackie's Jewels has to offer by visiting the Pimpin PSPers Warehouse!

Here's some free snags for you *you may not share these without my permission*

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

CT Tag & Free Snags "Black Swan" PinkParadox Productions

Gorgeous kit "Black Swan" by PinkParadox Productions.  This is a beautiful ballet/sadness kit made to match "Black Swan" tube by Verymany.  I have paired it with awesome new "Black Soul" tube from Arthur Crowe.  Get this alone or bundled with another swan kit "Swan Song."  30% off until the end of July so get it while it's on sale!  Get the kit HERE!  Look below the preview of the kit for some free snags I made *You do not have permission to share my snags*

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

CT Tag Show-off "Vampire Romantique (Gold)" PinkParadox Productions

Beautifully spooky kit "Vampire Romantique (Gold)" by PinkParadox Productions.  This kit is gorgeous and is the gold version of the kit Vampire Romantique (there is a silver version HERE).  This kit has so many elements to make gothic tags!  Right now it's 30% off so get it while it's hot.

I paired this kit with a tube by Marilee Caruso Photography.  You can find the tubes HERE at Artistically Inclined Licensing. Purchase the kit HERE! Here's a preview of the kit:

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Monday, July 14, 2014

CT Tag Show-off "Vampire Romantique (Silver)" PinkParadoxProductions

Gorgeous gothic romance kit "Vampire Romantique (Silver)" kit.  This kit is a fabulous mix of gothic, vampire and dark romance elements.  This is the silver version of the Vampire Romantique kit and is by PinkParadox Productions.  You may check out the gold version of this kit HERE.  155 elements, 14 frames & 30 papers AND it's on can't beat that!!!  Check out this kit HERE and while you're there look at everything else PinkParadox has to offer.

I paired this kit with a gorgeous tube "Bashful (57-1)" by Barbara Jensen.  You can find it and all of Barbara's fabulous work at her private store HERE!!  Here is a preview of the kit:

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

CT Tag Show-off "Around Tha Way" Jackie's Jewels

Do you like urban/city life?  If you answered yes, then this kit is for you!  It has so many city elements, you can't go wrong.  Kit is called "Around Tha Way" and is by the very talented Jackie's Jewels.  Get this kit today by visiting the PimpinPSPers Warehouse HERE!!!  Here's the preview of the kit:

I also made a cluster frame freebie that you can snag from my blog HERE!!

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FTU Cluster Frame "Around Tha Way" Jackie's Jewels

Hey guys, another freebie cluster frame for you using the awesome "Around Tha Way" kit from Jackie's Jewels.  You can't go wrong with this urban kit, there are so many city elements.  Here's a tag I made using the frame and artwork of Arthur Crowe:

You can pick the kit up HERE & the cluster frame HERE!!

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