Wednesday, October 29, 2014

FTU Cluster Frame "Crimson Snow" Jackie's Jewels

FTU Cluster frame made using "Crimson Snow" kit by Jackie's Jewels.  This is a gorgeous kit with 71 elements & 14 papers in shades of red, silver & white.  Get this kit HERE & download the cluster frame HERE from Box!!

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CT Tags & Snags "Crimson Snow" Jackie's Jewels

Gorgeous winter kit "Crimson Snow" by Jackie's Jewels.  This kit is full of beautiful elements in shades of red, silver & white.  I paired this kit with a tube by Trinita and a tube by Alex_Prihodko (found HERE).  Check out this kit HERE and get it while it's on a short October sale (35% off)!!

Here are some free snags (please do not share these without permission)

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

CT Tag Show-off "Fall In Love" PinkParadox Productions

Gorgeous kit, "Fall In Love" by PinkParadox Productions on sale now for only $1.65 at her private store.  I paired this kit with a beautiful tube by Verymany called "Eva" (get her HERE).  Get this kit HERE =D  Here's a preview of the kit:

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Sale on Fabulous Kits from Jackie's Jewels!!

There is a great sale going on for Jackie's Jewels!  She has so many gorgeous kits, and now they are on sale for the month of October for 30% off!!  Want to take a peek at some fabulous tags made with Jackie's Jewels kits?  Go HERE to view her CT blog =)  Click the links below to go to where Jackie's Jewels sells her kits:

Mystical Scraps: HERE
Pimpin PSPers Warehouse: HERE
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

CT Tag Show-off "Almost Winter" PinkParadox Productions

Gorgeous new kit, "Almost Winter" by PinkParadox Productions.  On sale now for only $1.50!!  I paired this beautiful kit with tubes from Verymany (HERE) and Trinita (HERE).  You can purchase this kit in PinkParadox's private store HERE and while you're there check out everything else she has to offer!  Here's a preview of the kit:

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Template #6!!

Template #6 available to download HERE!  May be used for challenges & tutorials but please link back here to my blog for download.

Feel free to send any creations you make using my template to my email:
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Monday, October 13, 2014

CT Tags & FTU Cluster Frame "Before the Rainbow" Drea's Creations

Beautiful new kit "Before the Rainbow" by Drea's Creations!!  Gorgeous colors & tons of elements for so many tagging possibilities!  Plus it's only $1!!!  I paired it with tubes by Trinita (HERE) & Ismael Rac (HERE).  Get this kit at all of the stores Drea's Creation's sells at by clicking the links:

Below is the preview and a preview + link to a FTU cluster frame I made with this kit:

Get this FTU cluster frame HERE!!
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Friday, October 10, 2014

CT Tags & FREE Snags "A Gypsy's Revenge" Jackie's Jewels

Fantastic kit from Jackie's Jewels called "A Gypsy's Revenge", find it on sale at Pimpin PSPer's Warehouse HERE!  I paired it with 2 fabulous exclusive tubes from PicsforDesign.  While you're checking this kit out, make sure and look at everything else Jackie's Jewels has to offer by going HERE!

Here's the preview of the kit and below it are FREE snags for you!

Please do NOT claim these as your own or share without permission:

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Monday, October 6, 2014

CT Tag Show-off "Ghoulies & Ghosties" PinkParadox Productions

Awesome new Halloween kit from PinkParadox Productions called "Ghoulies & Ghosties" available now and on sale at PinkParadox's private store.  I paired this massive kit with tubes from Elias Chatzoudis (HERE) and Ismael Rac (HERE).  Get this kit HERE for only $1.59 and while you're there check out everything PinkParadox Productions has to offer!!

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