Wednesday, February 24, 2016

CT Tags & Snags "Midnight Steampunk" PinkParadox Productions

Gorgeous steampunk kit from PinkParadox Productions called "Midnight Steampunk" is available for only $2.06 now at her private store.  This is a match for the beautiful tube "Steampunk 2" by Verymany.  180 elements, 15 frames & 45 papers make up this kit in shades of purple and black.  Get the kit HERE and the matching tube HERE!!

I made some free snags for you guys, make sure to click to get the full size photo before downloading to your computer!!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New Kits from PinkParadox Productions!!

Four new awesome releases from PinkParadox Productions!!  These are beautiful spring kits, and whose not ready for some warmer weather!!  

Country Girl Spring

This is a gorgeous kit, made to match "Cowgirl2" from Verymany (found HERE).  150 elements, 15 frames & 40 papers complete this country styled spring kit.  Pick this kit up HERE for only $1.88!!

Violet Dream

Beautiful spring kit, made to match the gorgeous "Beverly" tube from Verymany (found HERE).  135 elements, 10 frames & 35 papers in shades of purple & white.  Pick this kit up HERE for only $1.88!

Peaceful Interlude

This is a gorgeous spring kit that you can't do without!  135 elements, 15 frames & 40 papers complete this great kit in pastel spring colors.  Pick this kit up HERE for $1.88!

Fairy Fantasy

Beautiful spring/fantasy kit, inspired by and made to match the tube "Fairy" by Verymany (found HERE).  135 elements, 15 frames & 40 papers make up this mytical kit in all shades of purple.  Pick this kit up HERE for only $1.88!
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Monday, February 15, 2016

CT Tags & Snags "Dangerous B*tch 3" by PinkParadox Productions

New badass kit series from PinkParadox Productions called "Dangerous B*tch" available for purchase now!!  This kit comes in THREE different colors, a red/pink, blue/red & purple/teal; each kit contains 175 elements, 15 frames & 45 papers.  I used the blue/red version for the above tag!  I paired it with an awesome Barbara Jensen tube, you can find it at her tube store HERE.  Here are the purchase links for the three kits, keep in mind that all three contain the SAME elements, just in different colors:

Below you will find some free snags I made, please click for the full size and then right click and save:

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Friday, February 5, 2016

CT Tags & Snags "Lazy Day Cafe" by PinkParadox Productions

Beautiful new PinkParadox Productions release, "Lazy Day Cafe" available for purchase at her private store.  This is a match for the gorgeous VeryMany tube "Good Morning."  150 elements, 15 frames & 40 papers in shades of blue, white & red.  Get the kit HERE and pick up the matching tube HERE!!  Check below for some FREE snag tags (please don't claim the snags as your own)

Below are some free snags, please click to get the full size photo and then right click to save:

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Monday, February 1, 2016

CT Tags & Snags "Cherished Kisses" PinkParadox Productions

Very sweet love/Valentine's Day kit from PinkParadox Productions!!  140 elements, 10 frames & 35 papers complete this beautiful kit with shades of pink, green and white!  Get this kit HERE!!  I have paired this kit with a beautiful tube by Ismael Rac, available for purchase at his store.  I've included some snags I made; please don't claim or share these!  Click on image to save it full size:

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