Tuesday, May 27, 2014

FTU Cluster Frame "Country Roots" Jackie's Jewels

I made you guys a FTU cluster frame using the gorgeous kit "Country Roots" by Jackie's Jewels.  I recommend purchasing the kit HERE so you can dress up the cluster!  Hope you enjoy it!  Download the cluster frame HERE!

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Monday, May 26, 2014

CT #2 Tags and Snags "Country Roots" Jackie's Jewels

Awesome kit "Country Roots" from Jackie's Jewels, available for purchase now at Pimpin PSPers Warehouse.  This kit is filled with so many country elements, perfect for honky tonk tags!  I chose to pair this kit this time with an exclusive tube from Zlata M (tubes available HERE).  Pick the kit up HERE and while you're there check out everything Jackie's Jewels has to offer.

Here are some FREE snag images for you:

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

CT Tag Show-off #1 "Country Roots" Jackie's Jewels

Awesome kit from Jackie's Jewels called "Country Roots" available now at Pimpin PSPers Warehouse so go HERE to check it out!  With 59 elements and 14 papers the possibilities of honky tonk tags is endless!  Jackie's Jewels makes some fabulous kits so check out everything she has to offer HERE!
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CT Tag Show-off #2 "Lovely Lavender" PinkParadox Productions

Beautiful kit "Lovely Lavender" on sale now for 25% off at PinkParadox Productions private store.  This is my second tag with this kit, but trust me, you could make and endless amount of tags with this kit!  It's packed full with 150 elements, 10 frames & 35 papers!!  I have paired it this time with a tube from Keith Garvey (tubes available HERE); you can find this kit HERE!  Here's a preview of the kit:

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Friday, May 23, 2014

CT Tag & FREE Snags "Lovely Lavender" PinkParadox Productions

Beautiful new kit, "Lovely Lavender" by PinkParadox Productions, available for purchase (and 25% off) now at her private store HERE!  I have paired this kit with a fabulous tube from Verymany (available for purchase HERE).  Here's a preview of the kit:

And here's some FREE snags:

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

CT Tags & Snags "Rainbow Beach" Jackie's Jewels

Awesome new summer/tropical kit "Rainbow Beach" available now at Pimpin PSPers Warehouse HERE!!  This kit is beautiful and very large with 120 elements & 14 papers!  I paired it with two tubes from Arthur Crowe (available for purchase HERE) but any summertime tube will do =)  Here's the preview and below that you will find some FREE snags:

Snags here:

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CT Tag Show-off "Vintage Clockwork" PinkParadox Productions

Awesome steampunk kit, "Vintage Clockwork" available now from PinkParadox Productions.  190 elements, 20 frames & 45 papers make this kits possibilities endless!  Designed to match "Daisy" tube by CelinArt Pinup but I have chosen to pair it with a beautiful tube by The Hunter!  Go to PinkParadox's private store to get this kit for 25% off now!!  Kit HERE, tube artist HERE!  Here's a preview of the kit <3

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

CT Tag Show-off "Blush Boudoir" PinkParadox Productions

Beautiful "Blush Boudoir" kit by PinkParadox Productions; designed to match Verymany tube "Elizabeth" (site HERE) but I chose to pair it with tubes from the very talented Keith Garvey (site HERE).  125 elements, 10 frames & 25 papers in beautiful shades of pink & white.  You can't go wrong with this kit.  Pick it up HERE while it's ON SALE for 25% off!!!  2nd tag features a stunning template by Millie, get that HERE!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

CT Tags & Snags "Mermaid Treasures" Jackie's Jewels

Beautiful kit "Mermaid Treasures" by Jackie's Jewels, available now at Pimpin PSPers Warehouse!  Gorgeous under-the-sea elements perfect for mermaid/sunken treasure tags.  I have paired with tubes from Trinita (tubes available HERE) & Nicole Brune (tubes available HERE).  Purchase this kit HERE and check out all of Jackie's Jewels kits HERE!  Here's a preview and below the preview are some free snags:

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Monday, May 12, 2014

CT Tag Show-off #2 "Steampunk Wonderland" PinkParadox Productions

Tag #2 featuring kit "Steampunk Wonderland" by PinkParadox Productions.  I paired this kit again with a tube from Martin Abel (tubes available at CDO).  Here's the preview for the kit again, purchase link HERE & remember, the kit is 25% off but only for a limited time:

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CT Tag Show-off #2 "Come Sail Away" PinkParadox Productions

CT Tag Show-off #2 for PinkParadox's awesome "Come Sail Away" kit.  This kit is beautiful and I recommend purchasing it now while its 25% off!  I paired this kit this time with a beautiful tube from Barbara Jensen (get her tubes HERE).  Get the fabulous kit HERE!  Here's a preview of the kit again:

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